What is so special about us?
Our Trainers and personalized setting

Peak Strength & Conditioning classes are a total body strength & conditioning workout set in a progressive format of small group personal training and lead by the industry’s top nationally certified and experienced professionals.  PSC hand-selects its trainers to ensure only the highest quality training experience for our clients.  PSC trainers provide Olympic and collegiate level training experience, as well as many years of expertise in the health and fitness industry.  In each class, our PSC trainers implement their extensive knowledge in kinesiology (human movement), anatomy, and physiology which enables them to teach proper technique and to modify to every level of fitness and ability.  Whether you are brand new to exercise, nursing an injury, a regular exerciser looking for a supportive and safe training environment, or an avid athlete working to reach at the top of their game, our nationally certified instructor lead classes are sure to meet your expectations.

Our Fitness Family

In addition to our knowledgeable trainers, we have the best members a fitness facility could ask for! Our fitness family stands out above any other. Members support each other, push each other, and teach each other each and every day. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or are just starting out, the day you step foot into Peak, you are part of the family. The community we have built pushes you to be the best you can be. Join a class and see for yourself!

Christina Petersson Wolfe

My youngest was almost two years old when I had reached my heaviest weight.  My life was so busy that I always found a reason not to exercise.  Until that first day my friend convinced me that we needed to attend our first class together where Essie was our instructor.  I finally made the step to getting my life and my health back in control.  I mustered up that courage to put on my workout clothes and lace up my sneakers.  My first workout was abysmal.  I’m not sure I finished it and I know I couldn’t run a lap around the building without needing to walk or lift anything heavier than 15 pound dumbbells.  But that was ok, because I kept pushing forward.  Within a few weeks the pounds started coming off, within a few months I was lifting heavier weights and running multiple consecutive laps without trouble and about a year after I started training I realized that my long-term goal of running a half marathon was in my sight.  Just 18 months after I started training, I ran my first half marathon – a goal I never thought I would realistically accomplish.  Here I am just over two years into my fitness journey and I’ve lost 50 pounds, I can chest press 55 pound dumbbells, I can squat 240 pounds and I’m registered to run my second half marathon.  Trust me, if I can do it, so can you.  I would love to join you for your first class!

Holly Litos

The small group fitness atmosphere and commradery help keep me healthy, empowered and strong.  I’m stronger than ever in many different ways, and my boys see me in that light.  I’m setting positive examples for them, and that is so important to me.  There’s no feeling in the world like walking out the door after class feeling completely confident.

Diane McRorie

As someone who needs motivation in my workouts, Peak gives that to me on many levels.  The trainers and members believe in you, and have got me doing things I never thought possible.  The trainers go 100% for each person in class, and they modify when needed and for every age and level.  Peak is a very positive environment, and I always leave there feeling wonderful.

Penny Barker

Peak Strength & Conditioning is a special place.  Because of them I am stronger, fitter and doing classes that I probably couldn’t have done in my 20s.  Most importantly, I’ve learned to enjoy exercising.  Come join the fun!