First Annual Summer Team Challenge Complete!

Our Summer Team Challenge broke the gym members participating into two teams. Each team had 8 weeks to rack up as many points as possible by attending classes and marking them on their posted team board (1 point per class attended).  On Sunday, July 27th the two teams battled for first place during a field day finale!

What fantastic FIRST ANNUAL PEAK FIELD DAY event! Congratulations to Team 1 for their hard fought win!!

Team 1 = 559 points
Team 2 = 530 points

The field day consisted of 4 stations:

* Station 1 – Hill Challenge

* Station 2 – Truck Push

* Station 3 – Water Relay Challenges

* Station 4 – Tug’o’War


Baseline Testing / Baseline Testing + Measurements

Test your current fitness, track your progress through our private records, set new goals and excel to new heights with our Baseline Testing / Baseline Testing plus Measurements. Baseline testing consists of a times sequence of 500 meter row, 40 air squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 PushUps, and 10 PullUps (modifications are allowed and noted). You may further track your progress by signing up for the Baseline Plus Measurements Testing, where we privately record your weight, body fat % and circumference measurements. Baseline Testing is a $5 charge, with three 15 minute time slots available between 2:00-3:00 (12 available slots).  Baseline Testing Plus Measurements is a $10 charge, with three 30 minutes slots available between 3:00-4:00 (six available slots).  Testings will occur on the first Sunday of each month (with the exception of June, wherein we will conduct Testings on 5/31). You may sign up either on location at the gym, or by clicking here.

30 Day Challenge

Earn your Warrior or Ultimate Warrior status and keychain in our 30 Day Challenge!  In our previous 30 day challenge, we had 34 Warriors and 14 Ultimate Warriors complete this highly motivating challenge. All it takes is signing your name, perseverance and consistency in your training. To obtain your blue Warrior keychain, you must complete 12 classes within a 30 day period (roughly three classes per week). To obtain your black Ultimate Warrior keychain, you must complete 20 classes within a 30 day period (roughly five classes per week). We will bring back the 30 Day Challenge periodically throughout the year, and will make the announcement for the next challenge in our monthly newsletter and on the website.  Keep your eyes peeled!