Coki Cruz

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Coki graduated from Salisbury University with a Masters in Applied Health Physiology and a concentration in Strength and Conditioning. He’s an exercise technique specialist and strength coach. Having taught Strength and Conditioning and Kinesiology at Salisbury for 2 years during his Master’s studies, he grew a passion to make sure everyone becomes an expert at basic exercise movements. 

Coki played a lot of sports growing up, but baseball had a special place in his heart for 12 years before going to college. Entering college his desire was to be a Strength coach for athletes, but after realizing how much more of an impact he could make in the general public and how he could literally change the course of someone’s life by demonstrating the benefits of an active lifestyle he decided to open up his field of clients to include both athletes and general public. 

He partakes in different forms of exercise and training styles; Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, power lifting, endurance running, sports, and calisthenics. He also enjoys learning new styles for recovery as well as is involved in the field of supplementation and sports nutrition. When not exercising or training he hangs out with his wife watching Netflix for an embarrassing amount of time. 

Always up for a challenge, he has completed two Tough Mudders, has climbed up Mt. Rogers, competes with friends to lifting contests that lead to his two mottoes:

“Get out there and do it.”

“If you don’t lift, you don’t life.”